by Mendon Kissling

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Recorded January 2014 on Tascam 424mkiii and high bias cassettes.


released February 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Mendon Kissling Pennsylvania

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Necrotic Mutox EP (2014)
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Track Name: I Eat in the Pool
i eat in the pool
i don't care if i get chicken and mayonnaise everywhere
and clutter the deep end with silverware
i swim in the food that's replaced the water that used to be my pool
but i pee as i swim so my urine breaks it down again
i eat in the pool
i don't care if i leave capers and cream cheese everywhere
and clog the filter with worcestershire
Track Name: Rainland
ascended too fast and it wouldn't last
ashamed and alone in a fog
burn all my futures in a box
they're just old things i forgot
let me keep my feelings and my thoughts
don't leave me in rainland
went for a ride and never came back and forgot where i wanted to go
memories are permanently lost
they're just sentimental knots
let me keep my feelings and my thoughts
don't leave me in rainland
hold me til my body explodes
love me like nobody knows
i've got nowhere to go
don't leave me in rainland
Track Name: Superstation
dear mary superstation dark queen of the fog silver factories of your heart you're not as smart as you think you are i'm sorry
Track Name: Ziggurat
multiplying ziggurats painted with decrepit faces
fill the world til i'm crushed
i can't keep from waking up/passing out
again and again and again
Track Name: I'm in Love with You
it's none of my business
interactive tenderness
i've been fined and i've been fucked
right now i've got all the luck
i'm in love with you
all i say is your name
mom and dad think i'm insane
you are thanks welcome a lot
feelings that i never thought
i'm in love with you
swimming through a crowd
everyone's talking way too loud
i get close and you disappear
but you can hear me say
i'm in love with you
Track Name: Is This Still the Opening Band?
support local produce set yourself on fire