New Life in Expansionland

by Mendon Kissling

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    Ideally enjoyed as a double album with the split between "Church Camp Blues" and "Island." Listen while driving. Thanks for listening.

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Download comes with two cover songs (pere ubu and stereolab), a bunch of remixes, another song, pictures, and a song submission form. With this purchase you are entitled to your own song- write lyrics and i'll set them to music, or pick a song to cover. Instructions attached.
Ideally enjoyed as a double album with the split between "Church Camp Blues" and "Island." Listen while driving. Thanks for listening.


released April 1, 2014

recorded march 2014 on a tascam 424 mkiii



all rights reserved


Mendon Kissling Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Shake It
Made a date online: let's dance in the forest by lower glades
Through long july I didn't know I'd remember it always
Shake it again tonight
Shake it in the nothing moonlight
Shake it let our hearts be bright
Shake it
Let's look for rain and recall a first love
None after are the same, you're still the one I'm thinking of
Track Name: Gotcha!
sent me through a dimensional portal where i went insane
all the nothing that makes something had gone away
i can't trust you since you lied to me and told me it'd be cool when it wasn't
sent me through a dimensional portal it was just a game to you
now i'm not a person and you want to know if we're through
i can't trust you since you lied to me and walked away laughing saying "gotcha!"
Track Name: Jetlag
Laying on a towel listening to the waves thinking about darkness
I know in my heart you've forgotten me but I still exist
Laying in the grass looking at the stars imagining sunlight
I know in my heart I'll never see you again but I remember you
Track Name: Trained Like A Ratman
haven't checked my email all weekend
i bet it's really full but it's empty and i feel the same
trained like a ratman
my friends take me to gold's gym to jockey for treadmills and weights
what's the point of being strong and sitting on your ass
trained like a ratman
i love you more today than yesterday but you keep fading away
i feel desperate underneath myself
trained like a ratman
i left the small town for a city and never looked back
i drank diet coke and laughed at people smoking crack
trained like a ratman
Track Name: The Cursed Forest
good morning laser eye and specific birds
can't you hear me knocking on your door
i know a place we're not supposed to go
they say it's cursed but what do they know
toxic waste and satanic acid trips, i bet it's beautiful and they want it for themselves
i bet there are honey meadows and trees to hide in if the summer rain starts falling
i;ll say marry me beneath the tumor tree, i think you're beautiful and i want you for my own
we'll walk home hand in hand, and we won't tell our friends
the cursed forest is our place alone
good morning laser eye and specific birds
why can't you hear me knocking on your door
Track Name: Chronosceptor
you had it easy now welcome to hell
your girlfriend's under another guy's spell
can't do anything but listen to the stories they tell
and hear her laughter like you're standing in a bell
Track Name: Walk Me Through it Again
I walk around feeling like i've just been kissed i'm so surprised i've never known happiness amazing machinery breath taking speed all my thoughts repeat automatically do you feel like love lasts forever i feel like love lasts forever
Track Name: Church Camp Blues
junior necromancer's league hauled me out of bed and beat the friendship out of me electrified me gently sold me to a factory mom and dad i want to go home i smashed nickels in their salt and pepper shakers they held me down and remade me in the image of their maker i tried to call my sister but there was no operator now i'm in the woods iwth no ride home hello 8 eyed hate god with the brillo legs crouching in the wetness where the mushrooms grow why is it so hard to deal with other people? you let them lean on you and they crush you like a stone water from the autosprinklers smoking on the sidewalk accordion band somewhere on a forest stage why am i imprisoned and not replenished by hunger? mom and dad let me come home i learned the constellations from a girl near nawakwa now they're nothing but a party trivia trick the living room is clear but i'm not here mom and dad don't you know me any more
Track Name: Island
island where it's autumn I see a city building itself
I implode it with my dark mind, I have built a hell
Used to be somebody else here,we couldn't both be alone
I imploded them with my dark mind and built a giant hole
Track Name: Demon Hunter
demon hunter you've lived a long time
you've walked through gelatinous hells and waded through celestial slime
the world's changed but you can't stop believing
stuck in a body without feelings
demon hunter lives on
demon hunted trade your mace for a cell phone and a tie
do something useful and go out to clubs late at night
swallow your dreams and grow the fuck up
those empty feelings like a scab will close up
demon hunter move on
demon hunter bites his cuticles in his cubicle
reminiscing about the time he killed 400 ghouls
demon hunter storms out of the office
finds his pauldrons and his mace and cuirass
sent me a postcard from kansas that said
demon hunter lives on
Track Name: Corporal Buttsatan Rides Again
i was standing up straight looking people in the eye
practicing my age holding myself tight
nothing i can do i'm the victor and the fool
corporal buttsatan rides again
i was infinitely engaged i woke up a different person
sun was so bright i could do anything
so many letters to send tell my friends
corporal buttsatan rides again
Track Name: Powerball
friend of a friend's dad spent at least 14 grand
one day his number came now he can feed his family on the powerball
someone's got to win they say benefits older pennsylvanians every day
who gamble their social security away who live so long waiting for the powerball
Track Name: In PA We Drink Cases
tell you about the state i'm from state of pennsylvania if you don't already live here I don't blame ya we can't buy liquor at the beer store, can't buy beer at the liquor store, if you want to have a party you have to go to two places in pa we drink cases, i went out and got married don't ask me why i spent so much time buying alcohol she found another guy he was from jersey and acting tough, i said hey man i've heard enough, for every six pack you drink i'll drink a 30 pack of schaefer's
Track Name: Astro
Today you'll wake up with the sun coming in
Remember your dreams and realize you're in love with me
You've been listening to everyone else and ignoring yourself
I have always been the one
Today you'll get in your car and come over
Track Name: I Forgot Where I Parked
i forgot where i parked and walked around looking at cars
the bumper stickers helped me tell them apart
do you really have a chocolate lab do you really like bluegrass do you really have a smart child and a family with cats
i drive in my dreams and i have to sleep eventually so i should probably just keep walking
Track Name: Where Do Olympic Athletes Go?
where do olympic athletes go when they're used up and old
stuck in bodies no longer tuned for war, shattered from reaching for the gold
you can run the speaking circuit you can try out for sponsorships you can do to college and be a gym teacher
you can walk around the sidewalks of your hometown and feel weird nobody's measuring you now
Track Name: I'm A Shadow Person
i'm a shadow person i forget what name i'm on
i'm in love with control i only exist in the mirror
and when my brain dies the universe is vacuumed away
never in pictures except family barbeques
people forget me and i like it that way
i exist in pools outside streetlights and computer monitors
Track Name: Years of Boobs
years of boobs and computers have made my mind
self-consumed body eats itself and the waste is reused
immortals wonder where their time went
it's worthless if everyone gets enrichment
someone you know you really loved